Introduction: Home Made Small Engine Gasket

If you rebuild any small engine, or even take it apart for repair, chances are you'll need to replace the gasket. You could order a new one or you could make your own. Ordering gaskets can delay any project if it doesn't fit right or can't be found. This is a quick and easy alternative.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
Engine gasket material
(found online or in auto stores)
Or brown paper bags (this will get the job done
But is inferior to the gasket material)

Liquid ink or industrial sharpie

Exacto knife

(Optional) hole punch

Engine (I'm rebuilding a lawnmower engine)

Step 2: Practice

I used the sharpie for this demonstration because it is a little more difficult. Basically you're just creating a large stamp out of one half of the engine. I practiced a few timed on looseleaf to prefect the technique.

You take the sharpie and draw over the entire edge of the engine quickly, leaving enough ink for it to be visibly wet. You may need to go around the edge 2-6 times in order to get wet ink on it. Immediately after applying the ink flip the engine half onto the paper ink side down and press hard on the top. Remove it and examine your mark. It may take a few times to get this right.

If you're using the ink, dip a Q-tip into the ink and apply it to the edge. This ink will take longer to dry because of the amount but accuracy and speed are still necessary.

Step 3: Final Press

For the final ink press just repeat you're practice ones using the gasket paper. Remember to cover all the area of metal to get a complete stamp. Small spots that do not stay wet are okay. It is more important to get a full stamp with small parts missing than a stamp with one whole side and the other almost invisible.

Step 4: Cut Out

Take you're exacto knife and cut around the edge of your stamp line. Begin on the inside and then the outside finishing with the holes for the bolts. Take your time and go slow to avoid cutting through your gasket. You can cut out the holes with either the exacto knife of simply use a hole punch

Step 5: Finished!

Check to confirm your gasket fits the engine then go ahead and tighten it up. You may want to ad some gasket seal liquid but this is not necessary. Thank you and good luck with you're engines!

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