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It’s hard to admit, but those stupid commercials were right. You sit on your couch, watching TV, reading, playing with your computer, having thumb wars, whatever and darn it! Your arms are cold. Sassy and I know this feeling very well, living just outside of Buffalo we are very familiar with snow :/

So you want a snuggie, but only kinda. You want warm arms, but you don’t want to order a snuggie, what if Facebook does that thing where they tell your friends what you’ve purchased? Can’t risk it. But in your crafty abilities you know you can make one. Sassy and Laura can show you how:


For an adult sized Snuggie:

2.75 yards of fleece (2 yards for the blanket, .75 yards (aka 27 inches) for the sleeves)


Sewing machine (Optional you could hand sew this, there’s minimal sewing)

Cat (Optional, probably easier if you don't have one.)

Step 1: Step One: Cut the Pieces

You only need three pieces!

-One piece 54” x 72” for the blanket portion

I use the width 54” of fleece as the width of the blanket, there might be a logo or printing along the selvage you can cut it off, if you end up with a piece that’s a little bigger or smaller than 54” (by a few inches) don’t worry about it, close enough is good enough for this part.

The 72” is the length I had cut (2 yards) if you are particularly tall or small you may want to increase or reduce this amount. 72” is 6 ft, so you get the idea, I’m 5’6” and the 72” works for me.

-2 pieces 27” x 27” each for the sleeves

I had a piece that was 27’ and I cut it in half on the fold so one side might be a little larger than 27” but it’s not anything to worry about. If you have very long arms or short arms (if you make this for a child) you will need to

Of course you can use the same color for the sleeves and the blanket but I decided to get jazzy and use different fabrics. Options galore, it’s up to you!

Step 2: Step Two: Sew the Sleeves

Fold each sleeve piece in half with the right sides together.

This is easier of you have a print, and a little trickier if you have a solid color fabric. If you buy anti pill fleece, there is a side that looks furrier, that’s the right side, the side that won't pill. If you get some other kind the one salvage typically with have a little bit of a roll to it, and usually it will roll towards the right side.

-Sew down the long 27” side, back tack at the top and bottom. I used a 5/8" seam allowance but 3/8" or 1/2" is cool too.

You know what’s so great about fleece?! It doesn’t unravel, so you don’t need to hem it. If you want to you can! If you don’t want to you don’t have to! If you want to get super fancy, you could hand sew a blanket stitch around the edges with embroidery floss. That would be very ambitious!

Step 3: Step Three: Cut the Armholes

-Mark the center point of your blanket about 10” down from the top. I like to use a pin so there aren’t any marks left.

-Measure 12” from either side of this point, this is where the top of each sleeve will start.

-Lay each sleeve at that point, with the hem of the sleeve at the bottom (No particular reason, I just think it looks nicer)

-Cut down the length of the sleeve opening. I know it’s just a straight line, but don’t worry it will work, because seriously, I’m wearing the snuggie as I type this up!

Step 4: Step Four: Pin and Sew the Sleeves

-Pin the right sides of the blanket and the sleeve together.

I like to do this by turning the sleeve right side out, lay it on top of the right side of the blanket, and align the top of the sleeve with the top of the slit. Pinch the fabric layers so the right sides are together and stick a pin on the back. Now flip the blanket over and pin the same way all around the edge.

Sew all the way around each armhole and flip the sleeves right side out. Annnnnnnnd, rejoice you’re done! Yay!

Step 5: Step Five: Do Things With Warm Arms

Hold a cat, read, whatever, you got warm arms, isn’t it great!?

No one needs to know that you have this wonderful piece of warm goodness, you just fold that baby up and no one would suspect you own it.

Also, here;s the part where you can customize out the wah-zoo! Add a pocket for your glasses! or your e-reader! or your cat, because if you are considering making this you probably have at least two of the three. Add a pocket on the bottom so you can have your feet forever tucked under the blanket :) Use fabrics you love, stay warm and toasty all winter <3

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