Introduction: Home Made Vertical Hydroponic System

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I saw a vertical hydroponic system that I really liked but what I didn't like was the $500 price tag.  I thought about it for a while and decided I could design my own system that is similar for much less money.  After about a month of spending weekends running back and forth to the hardware store I came up with this system shown in the videos below.  I call it The Rain Tower because there is a pump in the resivour that pumps the nutrients to the top of the tower and they rain down on the roots of the plants on the inside of the tower.

In this first video above is the test run I did growing 12 lettuce plants.  The results were amazing as you will see.

In this second video I take you step by step showing you all the parts you need and how to put it all together.  Links will pop up during the video but if for some reason you don't see them you can visit the web page here: The Rain Tower Home Page

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