Home Security System

Introduction: Home Security System

I found that our homes nowadays are not secured anymore , as many friends of mine told me how thieves get on the flats of their neighbours and escape before getting caught . So I decided to make this project that helps to alert most of people near our homes in case there is a thief in there , by sending SMS to home owner and taking photo for the thief and posting it on facebook and also alert alarm is heard , all this is done using Arduino and 1Sheeld , let's know how it is made step by step .

Step 1: Components Needed

Hardware :
1- Arduino Uno , you can buy it from here
2- 1sheeld , you can buy it from here , to know how to use 1sheeld check Getting started with 1sheeld and read about Camer shield , Buzzer shield , Facebook shield and SMS shield from here as we will use them in our project
3- USB cable
4- Android Smartphone
5- 10k Ohm resistor
6- push button
7- breadboard
8- Male-Male jumpers

Software :
1- Arduino IDE, you can download it from here
2- 1sheeld mobile application

Step 2: Mounting 1sheeld

Switch 1sheeld to operate on 3.3V , then mount it on the Arduino Board
Use USB cable to connect your Arduino to your PC .

Step 3: Scanning 1Sheeld

Switch 1Sheeld on the uploading mode during uploading the code to your Arduino board ( illustrated code attached )
After uploading is done , Switch 1Sheeld to operating mode and use 1sheeld mobile application to start scanning , then connect your Smartphone to 1sheeld through Bluetooth .

Step 4: Getting All Things Together

Connect the rest parts as shown , then choose the used shields ( Camera, Buzzer, Facebook , SMS) from the list appeared on your Smartphone .

Step 5: Let's Try Our Prototype

Now , on pressing the push button , Each shield will do its task :
- The Flash will be turned ON , Camera shield will take a photo
- Buzzer shield will give an alert sound
- Facebook shield posts the photo on your facebook account writing a Caption " Help! there is a thief in my home " , as we typed in the code (you can notice in the picture that it is posted by 1Sheeld , and it uploaded last picture captured by the camera)
- SMS shield will send a message to Home owner its content is "Call the police "

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