Home Security System Using Sms to Control Home Appliance

Introduction: Home Security System Using Sms to Control Home Appliance

This video is about Home Automation system which has a security feature. This security feature is uing your mobile phone to send sms to the system to either put on or off your home appliance or get update on temperature in your room.

Step 1: Components Used for the Project

The components are listed below.

1. Ardunino Uno

2. Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor (DH11)

3. Reed switch Door.

4. The GSM shield

5. Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)

6. light buld.

7. Relay

Step 2: Setting Up the Device

Putting up all the component into one case, inorder for it to be movable.

Step 3: Arduino Code

Attached is the arduino sketch i used for the project.

Step 4: YouTube Video of the Project

This is the link to the YouTube page.


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    3 years ago

    i made a sms sending project but now i change mobile number only through arduino softwere

    i want a arduino code for replace existing mobile number from arduino keyboard