Introduction: Home Security

The images above show the early designs of what I was considering doing for the project.


- 6 white LED lights

- 2 220 ohm resistors

- Stranded wire

- Wood glue and or super glue

- Cardboard


Step 1: Circuits

I wanted to use white LED lights for my project but they take in a lot of energy so it'd be hard to make a series circuit with 6 of them. That is why I decided to do a parallel circuit and the image above is an example on how it was constructed.

Step 2: Wiring

This is the image after soldering all the wires together. I left the red/ positive wire alone to add a movement to the project. i added 2 220 ohm resistor to each side to make sure all 6 lights could light up and have the same amount of brightness.

Step 3: Construction

This is the construction of the piece. My original intentions were to make a ladybug, however, my ideas changed and I decided to take a different approach.

Step 4: Completion

After painting and adding final design elements, this was the end result of my piece.