Introduction: Home Trebuchet

This is the final product.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Tools and Materials may vary.




Electric Saw

Hot Glue Gun


Gorilla Tape

Eye Hooks


Bottle Cork






*60cm for arm

*35 by 40 for base

*4 legs 40cm

*2 legs 50 cm

Step 2: Assembly

Start by screwing in the two longer legs into the board. These are the longest legs. Then take your four smaller legs and cut them at an angle so they can support the two longer legs. The angle is your choice. Once you do that attach them with a drill into the longer legs. Now you have the basic structure done!

Step 3: Cut Holes

Now take your arm and figure out where out where you want the whole to be so the axle can fit through. We chose to put your whole 3/4 the way up the wood. That way we had room to attach the weight. Take your drill and make a hole then connect the axle. It should look like this when you are finished.

Step 4: Additions

To make the weight for the trebuchet take a small bucket and fill it with rocks. Then cut out a lid out of cardboard and tape it closed. This is so the rocks do not fly out. Unhook the one side of the handle of the bucket and then put it through the whole of your arm and then close it. Now take your arm and put a screw in two eye hooks. Then to make the mechanism to release. Take another eye hook and drill it in. Make sure the arm can reach and hook on to it. Then take a painters hook and put it on the eye hook. Tape a string if you want and you're done.

Step 5: Basket

To make our basket we used fabric and wire to secure it...add hot glue to hold the wire. You are then going to tie your string to the basket. Tie one of those pieces of string to the bottom hook on the arm and the other one to an eye hook. After you do that take that eye hook and place it on the painters hook You can place a string on the painters hook so it acts like a trigger..

Step 6: Finished

Now place your basket in front of the painters hook, let the string extend. Then pull on the painters hook and you are done.