Introduction: Home Deco

In this instructable I would like to show you how to build a night/mood light from simple every day items.

not very expensive, not very complicated, but still has some nice features, as remote control and light effects!

Step 1: Items You Need:

1) The decor item, I used a perfume bottle and an wood craft item.

2) a wood or other material as a base, it has to be at least 1 cm thick.

3) An RGB remote controller as: it works very well with 5Vdc.

4) An RGB led, star, 1 or 3W, as: you need just one.

5) 3 0.5W resistors: 30, 27 and 22 ohm.

6) A cellphone charger, 5V 0.5A at least.

7) A suitable power plug for the controller:

8) Some hot glue, wires and dacktape.

Step 2: Construction:

1) Cut a suitable space in the base plat for the controller and the 3 resistors.

2) Cut a groove for the power cable.

3) Drill a hole (at the center) for the Led wire (~3 mm) and for the Sensor wire (4 mm).

4) Glue the controller into the base plat.

5) Run the sensor cable from the base to the top of the plat (you will have to desolder the wires, or drill a bigger hole (~5.5 mm) to run the sensor itself)

6) Solder the 3 resistors, pay attention to match the value to the color): R = 30, B = 22, G= 27.

7) Run the wires from the resistors to the top of the plat.

8) Attach the RGB led to the plate (glue) and solder the wires.

9) Attach the Decor item (Glue?), so the light will shin thru it.

10) Replace the Charger plug with the suitable plug (watch the polarity!)

11) Test it !

Step 3: Enjoy!

This is it!