Introduction: Home-made Gumball Machine

Here is a home made gumball machine that uses 1/2 inch gumballs

Step 1: Creating the Handle

First I had to create the handle and the axle for the gumball mechanism for the gumball machine

Step 2: Quarter Slide

I created this piece make a place for the quarter to rotate in while you turn the handle

Step 3: Front of Quarter Mechanism

This is the piece where you have to put in the quarter when you order a gumball

Step 4: Coin Holder

This is the piece that holds the coin while it goes inside the two pieces witch is controlled by the handle's axle

Step 5: Axle Protection

I added this piece to the axle to create less force on the wood and the axle

Step 6: Gumball Gear

This piece is attached to the axle to create the motion in the next gear to move the gumballs around the machine

Step 7: The Gumball Mover

This piece moves the gumballs from the pickle jar to the slide to the person

Step 8: Gear Holder

This piece holds the gumball gear to hold it and also lets it spin this piece also holds the pickle jar that holds all the gumballs

Step 9: Pickle Jar

This piece holds all the gumballs

Step 10: Gumball Slide

This piece was used to transfer the gumball from the gear to the person

Step 11: Bottom of Gumball Machine

This piece holds all the wood still from the bottom of the machine

Step 12: Instructions

Here is all the instructions to recreate your very own gumball machine