Introduction: Home Made Knife 2 Tutorial!

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This is the homemade survival knife tutorial as requested! Also I had help from my friend jakewoody go follow him!

Step 1: Remove Blade From Pocket Knife.

A good tip is to use a blade that can be removed by a screw unlike the one we used!

Step 2: Cut a Pocket for Your Blade.

I would recommend marking how deep you want your blade to be with a pencil before cutting! Also make it wide enough I used the second saw because it was thick.

Step 3: Placing Blade and Drilling It In

We first marked where the hole in the blade was so we wouldn't have a hole in the knife!

Step 4: Take a Break!

It is really hot here so we had some nice lemonade! (Jake enjoying some ice cold lemonade)

Step 5: Gorilla Glue!

Add some gorilla glue and set the knife on some sort of clamp to let the glue flow into all the open space! It's important!

Step 6: Let It Dry and Sand It!

The title says it all! (We cut off the glue on the knife)

Step 7: Painting!

You can paint it however you want or even fancy up the handle we just stuck to black because it was available! (If you paint it cover the blade we used normal tape)

Step 8: You Are Done!

Here is my first blade and also the one I helped Jake make!

Step 9: The Sheath

If this gets 50 likes I will make the sheath!

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