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So you have a need to send a few thousand volts through someone. Good - you've come to the right place then.

Now I'm not saying that this mini taser will take down your enemies but it will definitely make them think twice. Just the sound is enough too send chills down their spine.

For those with brothers, sisters, children or any other human types that you need to control, then this taser will give you that power. My kids are now fully under my control,living in a constant state of nervousness and anticipation. All I need do is get the taser buzzing a couple of times and their mine.

The idea came to me after seeing this 'ible by Plasmana. I figured I could make something similar and encase it in PVC. I didn't use disposable camera parts though as I wanted to have an actual spark as well.

The taser is just a modified Piezo electric stove lighter. The difference with this lighter from other stove lighters though is it has a constant spark.

You'll need some basic soldering skills too make the taser, but other than that it's quite simple to make. Check out the video below of it in action.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Things to Gather


1. Piezo Lighter - Ebay

2. 20mm PVC pipe

3. 2 x 20mm PVC Caps

4. Momentary switch - eBay (I used a momentary switch from a salvaged video player. I the I have indicated on eBay would work perfectly)

5. 2 x aa battery holder

6. 2 x aa batteries

7. A bunch of wires

8. 2 x Small Nails

9. Heat Shrink


1. Soldering Iron

2. Dremel

3. Drop saw

4. Drill

5. Pliers

6. Hot glue

Step 3: Break Open the Piezo Lighter


1. Undo the screw under the battery cover

2. Pull off the sliver cowling on the front.

3. Take off the main cowling and you'll then reveal the electronics inside. There's a little screw holing them in place. Un-screw this and throw away the case of the lighter (you only need the electronics)

Step 4: Modify the Battery Holder

A aaa battery holder unfortunately won't fit inside a 20mm piece of PVC pipe. You'll have to slightly modify the battery holder.


1. With a dremel, start removing excess plastic on the bottom corners of the battery holder.

2, Round off the corners and once you have removed enough plastic, you'll find that the sides come off. Remove these and keep on rounding until it fits into the PVC pipe.

3. Once it fits into the pipe, add a little masking tape to hold the batteries in place

Step 5: Adding Some Extra Wires


1. The electric lighter doesn't have a ground wire so you'll have to add this. Locate a ground terminal and add a wire to this.

2. Remove the wires that are attached for the spark section and add a couple of new ones. The wires that come are too stiff and won't be easy to use. Best to replace them.

Step 6: Adding the Switch and Making the Body


1. Measure how long the circuit board and battery holder are together and cut a piece of pipe long enough to fit the parts.

2. Drill a couple of small holes near the top of the PVC pipe.

3, Thread a couple of thin wires through the holes and solder on the momentary switch.

4. Pull the wires through so the switch sits flat and add some hot glue to the inside of the pipe.

Step 7: Adding the Electric Zapping Bits

This was probably the trickiest part. Initially I used screws but this didn't work at all. Next I used nails and this seemed to do the trick. You have to make sure though that you insulate the metal with some heat shrink to the spark doesn't happen at the head of the nail.


1. Hammer a couple of small nails through the cap.

2. Take them out and solder the wires from the circuit board to the heads of the nails. Add some heat shrink to cover any open metal sections.

3. Push the pointy part of the nail through the bottom of the cap and hot glue into place.

4. Trim the nails and remove the pointy bits.

5. Test and make sure that the ends of the nails are close enough together to spark

Step 8: Testing

Your at the final stages now.


1. Test and make sure everything works ok. Make any adjustments necessary to get the best spark.

2. You can add a small hoop to you can hang it on a keychain.

Step 9: Paint

You could just leave it white if you want, I decided to paint mine.


1. Grab some spray paint, whatever colour you want to give to your taser and paint away.

2. Leave to dry

3. Finished!

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