Introduction: Home-made Sketch Book

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How to make a homemade sketchbook easy.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is...
-a box
-screw driver
-blank printer paper
-glue stick
-(optional) news paper, you can use anything that is paper based or you could also use tape.

Step 2: Cover (optional)

If you are using newspaper cut out little strips. I cut out about 24 full length strips, then I cut in half to make 48 strips. After cutting the strips out, you divide them in to two groups, one for the cover and one for the back.
Grab one of your piles then start to weave.

Step 3: Cut the Cover

Grab your box and cut out a rectangle. I just guess the size of the cardboard based of how big my newspaper weave was. When you cut it out, load one side up with glue then stick the piece in to the middle of the newspaper weave. Pound on it till it is secure, then glue the edges pointing out inside of the cardboard. When you are finished it should look like the third picture in step three.

Step 4: Backside

It should look like the first picture. Grab a piece of paper then glue that to cover the end pieces, it should look like the second picture. Now you are finished with the first cover. Now make another.

Step 5: Inserting the Paper

Okay now that you have two pieces you can insert the paper. Put three holes in both covers and the paper. To make the cover holes big put a screw driver in the hole and just spin your cover with it.

Step 6: Binding It All Together

Now that you have the holes in your paper and covers you can put them together. Grab your yarn and put it through the first cover hole. Then pull the yarn through till you get 4 inches of the other end, do not insert thoughs 4 inches anywere. With the longer end you pull it through the first hole of the paper, then the back cover. With the yarn now on the opposite end pull it to the top of the second hole. Repeat the same process you just did. Then again for the third hole. Once you have done all holes you then make your way up the way you just did. Go to the second hole then the first. When you reach up top tie a knot so it doesn't fall apart.

Step 7: Almost Done

Open it up and check if the yarn looks like the first picture in the inside of your sketch book. Close it and check if it looks like the second picture. If it does, congratulations you are done.

Step 8: But Wait

Wouldn't your sketchbook look boring if it's just blank... Well then decorate it. What I did was I wrote sketchbook then glued that, then glued a heart under it. I also added a drawing of mine. I hope you like your new sketch book!