Introduction: Home-made Cinnamon Tea

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It is a soothing easy to make cinnamon tea to keep you warm in these colder days ahead! I make this home-made cinnamon tea each time when I am sick. It helps really well when dealing with stomach flu! It is really good for you too. ;)

Step 1: Gather Your 2 Ingredients!

Recipe: For 400 ml cinnamon tea


3 cinnamon barks

400 ml just boiled hot water

Step 2: Method: Steep Your Cinnamon Barks for 10 Minutes Into Just Boiled Water.

Take a smaller teapot that can hold 400 ml & place your 3 cinnamon barks in it. Pour your just boiled water over it & place the fitted tea-pot lid on. Place a tea warmer over the top & let the tea steep for about 10 - 15 minutes depending how strong you want your tea to be. I prefer 10 minutes for 400 ml of just boiled water. Then, remove cinnamon barks & pour into a large mug your home-made cinnamon tea! Enjoy sipping it & feel better instantly!!

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