Introduction: Home Made Flea Trap

We had two cats and never had a flea problem til we had gotten our third (a kitten). Well then we ended up getting..super fleas...So while shopping for my assault on them I saw something like this at a store for around $40.00. So I decided to make my own cheaper version and it works. Just put it in an area where fleas are most concentrated..It uses a small light, metal fan housing , styrofoam plate, honey or karo syrup..I found honey more sticky and smears better on the plate (doesnt pool up). I use the fan housing to keep that cats out of the honey covered plate. I placed the small nightlight on the housing. Since fleas are attracted to the light, they land in the plate and get stuck...No chemicals! I had taken a pic of what the plate looked like after a week of it sitting..Gross I know but the cats are fine I got them some, special flea pills and it killed off the fleas..I just had gotten tired of spraying chems and feeling like I was killing my cats in the process!

Step 1: Obtain Styrofoam Plate, Honey, Fan Housing, Nightlight

Its pretty simple to put a lengthy description! Honey on plate, plate under a fan housing, light on fan housing..And leave it alone!

Step 2: Chemicaless Flea Trap

To simple for a description..This is the nightlight I rummaged around and found.

Step 3: Its That Simple

Im done

Step 4: Done!

The aftermath.