Home Made Ghillie Suit (Head Only) So Far.....

Introduction: Home Made Ghillie Suit (Head Only) So Far.....

This is the the Head only and gloves. the pants and jacket are an entire different project. Everything was hand stitched and the boot cover idea is from cutting all of the pockets and buttons out of the BDU pants and shirt to recycle the weight. With many spare buttons. The colors and style work great with Vermont national forest terrain and its no problem to add fresh vegetation to your suit. for this I used 1 BDU set I had laying around from childhood Airsoft wars lol also a set of camo rain gear that I tried to layer with the other fabrics so it worked like duck feathers and ultimately repel water better along with weathering spray. The face is a camo handkerchief with 3 layers I cut the bottom to so it looked more like tassel's and not  so uniform. All said and done I worked about 22hrs just on the head and that was just about straight threw.

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