Introduction: Home Made Usb From Stripboard

It is simple, cheap and a great way to spend your time.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-soldering iron

-thick wire

Step 2: Step 1 First Kind

cut the board on the dimension of an father usb, check it (4holes)
cut the wire and insert it in which hole you want (I put it on the 4th)

Step 3: Step 2 First Kind

solder it at the ends

Step 4: Step1 Second Kind

I brought an chinese board and I had on it some cooper things and I used them to make an usb
I cut it at the right dimensions (3 things)and polished the middle thing because there are the data contacts on the mother plug

Step 5: Step 2 Second Kind

solder on the cooper part

Step 6: Result

2 kinds of usb

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