Introduction: Home of the Remote Control

I am a 13-year-old girl from Taiwan.Please forgive me if I make any grammatical or other mistakes.

This is a device that reminds you to put the TV remote back in place after watching TV.

Why did I invent this device?That's because I often forget where I put the remote control.

Anyway, let's get started!!!

Step 1:

First, we must write the program and connect the wires.

(The test process was at 0:03~0:11 in the film.)

Step 2:

And then, you need to prepare a beautiful box.(or you want to make the box by yourself)

Step 3:

Dig a hole to let the wire out.

And the other hole for the remote control.

Step 4:

Keep digging!

Dig four more holes for LED lights.One more for the photosensitive resistance.

Step 5:

Make a place where you can put mobile power.

Step 6:

Put the result of step 1 in the box.

Make some partitions.

Finally, decorate the box.