Introduction: Home Surveillance Via Twitter and YouTube

With the latest version of Yoics for Windows, you can easily make any webcam into your own personal surveillance system, where videos are auto-uploaded to YouTube & a Twitter notification is sent out.

Step 1: Setup Your WebCam

Once you've installed Yoics, select web/IP cam to go to the configuration menu.

Step 2: Setup Your Webcam

Once on the setup menu, (1) select your web-camera and (2) select to change your settings.

Step 3:

1. Select to turn on motion detection
2. Drag your mouse to select a 'motion window'
3. Turn on round robin storage
4. In addition to capturing all motion events, Yoics can auto-create a daily time-lapse summary of all of your events.

Step 4: Notification

Configure email and Twitter notification.

Step 5: Setup YouTube

Add your YouTube credentials.

Step 6: Finished

That's it, now your webcam is your own personal surveillance system.