Introduction: HomeMade Hand Warmers

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Are Your Hands Always Cold In The Winter.Why Not Make The Best Hand Warmers In The World.So Good That You'll Make More Than One Set.

Step 1:

While my dad and I were working on a project that dealt with melting plastic.We found out that plastic holds heat for a long period of time.So I decided to make a cheap and effective pair of hand warmers.After making the hand warmers I heated one of them up for five minutes.Which held heat for 30 minutes on the back of someone neck and the hand warmer was only half full.

Supplies you will need:
sewing kit(needle and thread)
plastic BB's

Step 2:

Cut fabric into two 8x10 inche pieces.Then fold the fabric in half,so when you sew it i'll make a pouch.To make the pouch you have to sew the fabric inside out,but only sew it three quaters of the way.Then flip the pouch rightside out.

Step 3:

Next use you funnel to put in the opening of your pouch.You can get BB's at some of the flee markets,At far Eastern Imports,or anywhere that sell airsoft guns.For this project you don't have to have expensive BB's cheap ones work just as good.

Step 4:

The final step is to sew the last part of your pouch so the BB's don't fall out.Then all you have to do is heat then up and enjoy.You can heat them on a heater or by a camp fire but watch them carefully because if the BB's get to hot they will melt and start popping.
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