Introduction: HomeMade Rat Trap Alarm System!!!

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Why spend hundreds of dollars on Security Systems? When You can make your own. Watch this Instructable to learn how you can make your very own Alarm System Using a Rat Trap.

Click Here For Instructional Video

Step 1: Materials!!!

You will need the Following Items

*Rat Trap or Mouse Trap
*Battery Holder W/ Batteries
*Ring Terminal
*Two 12 in pieces of wire -( Length is up to you)

Total Cost- 12-15 dollars

Step 2: Make Alarm System!!!

*First Begin By Connecting the The Battery Holder with the Buzzer- Positive Wires Only
(Buzzer +) with (Battery Holder+)
*Strip The ends on the extensions and Connect them with The Negative Wires
(Buzzer-) with (Extension A) and (Battery Holder- With (Extension B)

*Refer to the Diagram Below

  • On the Snapper of the Rat Trap wrap around the bare end of one of the Extensions (extension A)
  • On The Other extension (Extension B) Attach the Ring Terminal And Glue it on the base of the edge.
(Make sure its Vertically below Extension A)

Step 3: Set Up Your Device

*Next to wall Near the Door you want to Protect, tape Both the Battery Holder and the Buzzer

*Activate The Rat Trap And Leave it Behind the Door....

Now you can feel more safer.

Step 4: Your Home Is Now Protected

When the Robber (thief) opens the door, the Rat Trap behind it will go off, once the door comes in contact with it.

Extension A and B will Come Together, Therefore activating the buzzer.
the loud Noise is bound to scare the Robber away and alert someone near by.

If you want to see the Full Results, Watch the Instructional Video Below.

Instructional Video