Introduction: Homebrew - Dual Thermometer

What Does the Brewb0y do?

Well... when homebrewing, temperatures are a big deal.

I had a traditional thermometer but constantly sticking it in and out of boiling water was getting very tiring (and sometime a bit dangerous, a face full of steam!) Not only that but I had no way of checking the temperature of my mash without taking the lid of each time. So I came up with the idea of a device that I could share between my mash tun and my boil pot to keep an eye on both at the same time in real time, from a distance.

The Brewb0y was born! A simple Nokia screen, Arduinio and two 3 meter length thermometers!

The Shopping List:

GBP: £4.98 USD: $7.28

GBP: £6.49 USD: $9.49

GBP: £3.19 USD: $4.66

GBP: £0.39 USD: $0.57

GBP: £1.99 USD: $2.91

TOTAL: £17.04 $24.92


The entire project with libraries can be downloaded from my Github account

Putting it together:

The pins locations are in the code so that should be fairly obvious but what you do need to do is find the addresses for your two probes and edit the ones in my example. To do that, look here and run the ino, this will return you the address for both probes (make sure they are wired in before running the file) that you'll need to replace in my project. Once you do that, you'll be good to go!