Introduction: Homebrew Remote for Canon EOS 400D

Having found a cheap flash meter at a car boot sale I realised I could not use the my cameras onboard flash and the meter at the same time. Que the homebrew remote for Canon EOS 400D :-)

Canon will charge you about £30 for one of the these ... cost to me ... nothing ... it was all stuff I had lying about the house.

Step 1: Find a Cable

The remote for the Canon uses the P1 type (extra small audio jack) found on some mobile phone headphones and in the case a video cable from a digital compact.

Luckily I had one lying about but they can be purchased for all of about £3 from any decent electronics store. Make sure it has 4 cores as you will need two pairs to control both the exposure and shutter. If needs be cut the cable and touch the ends together while connected to the camera to check which is which.

Step 2: Tools for the Job

Other equipment you will need. I opted to do a fairly tidy job and used a soldering iron, hacksaw and a sharp knife. For the body of the switch I used an old scart connection as it already had the receiving sockets for the phonos on my cable. To control the remote I used the switch system off of an old blender we had in the kitchen cupboard!

Step 3: Operation

One set of your cables will control the exposure and one set the shutter. Hold down the exposuire button and press the shutter release, for repeat shots hold the shutter and gun the shutter release.

Be careful and enjoy, if you have any doubts, don't do it!