Introduction: Homecoming Eye Makeup

Step 1: Materials

1. Fat fuffy brush
2.brown eyeshadow eyeshadow brushes
3. Grey + black eye shadow
4. Moss green eyeliner and black eyeliner
5. Mascara
Scotch tape

Step 2: Use Light Eyeshadow to Prep Eyes

Then use fat fluff brush to blend it out thin

Step 3: Put Brown All Up in That Crease

Step 4: Apply Scotch Tape and Apply Grey

Step 5: Do That Black Eyeliner

Step 6: Remove Tape!

The only reason we applyed tape was to prevent eyashadow fall all pver the place

Step 7: Now Put Green Eyeliner Ob the Bottom

Step 8: Apply a Bunch of Mascara!


Step 10: Then Add Army Green Eyeshadow to Crease

Remove any excess suff all around ir eyes

Step 11: Blend Everything

With bog fluffy brush

Step 12: Finished!