Introduction: Homemade Airsoft Grenades

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This is a very easy and cheap way to make a homemade airsoft grenade.  It is made out of a firecracker and I had all the supplies to make it around my house.

Step 1: Materials

What's Needed:
Airsoft BBs
Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Get Ready

Plug in tour hot glue gun and let it heat up.  While it is heating up, pour out a lot of BBs.  You may want put the BBs in a bowl or on a plate.  You should do this because you need quick access to them.

Step 3: Glue Time!

Put glue down the length of the firecracker.  Quickly place BBs on the glue spots.  Repeat this step until the entire firecracker is covered in the BBs.  Place a dab of glue on the bottom of the firecracker and apply a BB.

Step 4: Check

After you have finished putting the BBs on the firecracker, check to see if it matches the finished product photos.  If so you are done.

Step 5: Quick Tip

I bend the fuse about half-way down the wick.  When you light the grenade, wait for the fuse to reach this part.  That way when you throw it at the enemy, they probably will not have time to throw it back at you before it detonates.

Step 6: Try It Out

If you build this be careful when using the hot glue.  This build requires your fingers to be close to the hot glue.  During this build I accidently touched the hot glue and put a burn blister on my index finger.
When you are using this, be careful.  This is a live explosive and if used improperly it can cause hearing damage, eye damage, and it is also capable of creating a loss of fingers or at the worst,...DEATH!
Use this responsibly!  I will not be held responsible for damages of any sort.
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