Introduction: Homemade Alcohol Gun Sniper || How to Make Alcohol Gun Easy Method || Primitive Style

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Hi friends to day i learn you how to make homemade gun by alchol for fun. A alcohol gun, also called a spudzooka, potato cannon, potato gun and spud gun, make for an entertaining project that also experiment a few laws of physics along the way. Part of the thrill of constructing a alcohol gun comes from experimenting with the rifle design to get the best performance, supper power. lets get to creat this awesome firing gun. This alcohol gun can fire about 70 yard long range.

Step 1: Get All Your Equipments Ready for Building.

All the parts necessary for this project can be found at your inside the home. Cut the pvc pipe during this measure

You'll need

A.2-in (4.5-cm) wide PVC pipe that's 7 in (18 cm) long.

B. 1.5-in (3-cm) wide PVC pipe that is 1 feet (30 cm) long. Only use hard 40 PVC pipe. Use thik PVC for safety. Beacose thinner pipe unsafe and could blust under high pressure. Football pumper for oxygen supply.

C. Barbique lighter

D. Toy bb air gun

E. Aluminium pipe for barrel which is 1.17 cm wide and 1 feet 8 in long. As well as fot feating any kind of glass marbel. I use this gun for firing by marbel.

F. One soft dring 250 ml bottle

G. Electric tap

H. Were F. Urine strip bottle. Its you can find any biochemistry shop. Wich is about 2.5 in wide and 5 in long.

Step 2: Measure and Mark Your PVC Pieces, If Necessary.

If your PVC pipes was not cut already, you will need to cut yourself. Use a tipped marker pen to mark the PVC in to the following lengths so it time to ready for cut:

2-in (4.5-cm) wide PVC marked at 7 in long. (1.5 m)1.5-in (3-cm) wide PVC pipe that is 1 feet (30 cm) long. Cut the soft drink bottle bottom portion only. Cut the urine strip bottle bottom portion. Also drink bottle cap hold into the center. for 1.5 in feating.

3.Cut the pipes along the mark using a hacksaw. It may help to clamp the pipes down to a work bench or have someone hold the pipe on a flat surface as you saw. The cuts don’t need to be perfect. Once you’re finished, remove plastic burrs by rubbing the cut edges with a medium grit sandpaper.

4. Put drink bottle cap in to the pipe

Put drink bottle cap in to the 1.5 pipe. This cap not fit in the pipe, so you need little bit hit the pipe and then put cap gently. Glue and fixed them.

Step 3: Making Gas Chamber

After finished the cutting process the put together by glue. its ready

Step 4: Attach Small Barel

if you can seen i put the varel into the gas chamber by heat.

Step 5: Adding a Spark Generator

i put the lighter ignition in to the toy gun

Step 6: Adding Ball Pump

i adding ball pump for more powerful

Step 7: Adding Laser Light

I add the laser for more accuracy

Step 8: Full Alcohol Gun Tutorial

If you dont understand my instructions, please watch this video here i explain all thinks very easily. You can also visit my Youtube channel and give me comment on Youtube. I reply your all comment, as soon as possible

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