Introduction: Homemade Alfredo

Step 1:

Put a half stick of unsalted butter into a pot/pan until melted all the way down. This will prevent the other ingredients from sticking to the bottom and burning.

Step 2:

After the butter has melted place 3 sticks of cream cheese on top of the melted butter.

Step 3:

You will then use a whisk to stir and mix the cream cheese until it forms a thick smooth sauce. This is the heart of the Alfredo sauce so be sure not to burn it

Step 4:

You will then add 4 cups of milk, be sure to stir your mix after each cup of milk is poured. After that step you will add each of the ingredients show above into your mix. It is a must you have the Italian seasoning and parsley flakes.

Step 5:

After your sauce has thickened you will add a packet of Alfredo mix, the brand does not matter this is used to give it the color and taste as well. After you are done you can add your own choice of seasonings. Be sure not to add too much or your sauce will be extremely salty and will not be enjoyable.