Introduction: Homemade Aperitive Snacks (Quick 'n Easy - Super Tasty)

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How important it is to have good, tasty snacks for an aperitif with friends... It is just fundamental.

If like me you are bored by industrial chips and crackers, it is time to put your apron on and cook it by ourselves!

This recipe is a fun, easy and quick way to cook (actually bake) good sausage snacks for your aperitif. Even better, this is a recipe well-known to be easily done with your children as a common activity.

To cook this, you will need:

  • puff pastry (i used an semi-industrial one as it is really difficult to make it, however if you can do this by yourself, do it but I am not a good enough cook...)
  • standard hot dog sausage (or even better strasburger sausages or knaki if you can have some)
  • mustard
  • egg
  • sesame seeds

Let's bake it!

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Step 1: Paint Your Pastry and Cut the Sausages

Very easy to do. Just put mustard all over your puff pastry.

You can use french mustard or whatever sauce you like.

In parallel, cut your sausages in small pieces about 1 cm long. It should be perfect for a bite.

First step done. Took 30sec... Easy so far?

Extra work to do: turn your oven on, 180°C/356°F - th. 6

Step 2: Roll It!

Take the sausages pieces and roll them into your mustard-painted pastry.

To do it easily, put your sausage piece on your pastry and cut a band at the desired width. Then roll it untill you have a complete round. Don't roll more than one round otherwise your pastry will be too thick.

Put all your sausages on a oven plate.

Almost ready to be baked...

Step 3: Add the Toping

Before putting the snacks into the oven we need to brush them with the egg. So pour your egg into a bowl, stir it with a fork in order to make an omelette and brush your sausages.

Now that we are almost done you have the choice to add either sesame seed (just as I did) or cheese if you prefer.

Snacks are ready to bake for 15 min at 180°C/356°F - th. 6. If needed you can add an extra 5 min to grill them and have a nice brown color.

Step 4: Serve the Aperitif!

Once cooked, simply arrange on a plate.

Serve the drinks and enjoy it warm.

It is a simple and tasty snacks.

Thanks for reading!

Please let me know if you cooked it ;-)

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