Introduction: Homemade Bandage

Need a bandage and you don't have anymore? Make this homemade bandage from things around the house!

Step 1: You'll Need....

What you'll need to make this bandage is tissues, tape, and a marker.

Step 2: Time to Make It!

Fold Tissus until a bit bigger than wound.

Step 3: Time for Marker! Part 1

Hold tissuse down while drawing whatever you like on what you want to be the front of the bandage.

Step 4: Time for Tape! Part 1

Cut a little piece of tape & put it on the 1 end on the middle of the side. Do this 3 more times on the other sides. When your done you will have a little pad of tissuse on the back middle

Step 5: Time for Marker! Part 2

On the back of your bandage. Draw a line right by the tape ( the side closest to middle.) you will get some marker on the tape. ( Don't worry, you're supposed to do that.)

Step 6: Time for Tape! Part 2

Now cut a little piece of tape fold it so it's like a piece of double sided tape ( it will be sticky on both sides ) put tape on the edges diagonally. Do the same thing on the other 3 sides.

Step 7: How to Put It On

Put on so others can see what you drew. Make sure on the back that the pad is on your wound.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Now you've made your homemade bandage! Enjoy everyone!

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