Introduction: Homemade Banjo Ukulele Project

Hi Everyone!

As a wild and crazy ukulele player I love everything uke! I have long wanted a banjo ukulele to round out my collection, but there are none available in my area of the world and even ordering one is terribly expensive! SO whats a crazy ukulele man to do?

Easy, make one yourself! I used a 2 dollar tamborine (before upgrading to a 3 dollar hand drum), an old uke neck from a broken old uke, some VERY simple and low quality non-electric tools and some TLC.

I made several videos outlining the whole process and would love to share them with you! Please enjoy this instructable and hopefully you too can make the banjo ukulele of your dreams!


Step 1: The Beginning

Getting the pieces together I will need to get started.

Step 2: Cutting Myself But Not Minding

My tools really are bad..... But I am trying my best. The pieces are coming together! Almost ready to build!

Step 3: A Couple Screws and Some Broken Bits!

Well, the neck is attached and using the old broken bridge I got strings on it, and NOISE!

Step 4: It's Alive! and Almost in Tune!

Well, almost... considering the broken and crazy bits and pieces, somewhat surprising to say the least!

Step 5: To Glue or Not Glue? a New Plan!

Funky tail piece and bridge not great.... Onwards and upwards! Goodbye tamborine, hello hand drum!

Step 6: Updates on the New Plan!

Ordered some new parts and bits!

Step 7: It's Finished! Kinda Sorta...

Got the bits in the mail, got it together, sounds ok! Almost done!

Step 8: Almost Done! Some Filler and Paint All Thats Left!

Almost done now! Sounds good, but, will it be electric?? Woohoo!

Fully painted and filled video to come soon!

Step 9: Almost Done! Filler Added, Looking Good!

Switched out the cardboard back for a wood one and got the filler all in place.... looking pretty darn good!

Step 10: Finshed Product! Painted and Strung!

Still not quite in tune, but you should get the idea!

I loved making this uke and look forward to my next homemade ukulele project!

I hope you enjoyed it too!