Introduction: Homemade Bike Vasugan 3WD

Homemade bike Vasugan 3WD

Step 1: The Assembly of an All-wheel Drive Tricycle Starts With the Manufacture of the Rotation Unit.

The assembly of an all-wheel drive tricycle starts with the manufacture of the rotation unit. It transfers torque to the front wheel and turns the front fork.

Required parts are made by laser on CNC machines.

The main plate is made of 4mm thick metal. It is necessary to bend it as shown in the figure. Possibly on the press but I do not have it. That is why I used an angle grinder with a 2.5 mm thick disc. Cut to a depth of 2 mm. After that it is possible to bend in a vice. Check for angle 90 degrees and then weld using an electric welder. Weld plate for mounting hull bearings and remove excess metal as illustrated.

Step 2: Next, Constant Velocity Joint From a Car Is Filed Through to 20mm Diameter

Next, constant velocity joint from a car is filed through to 20mm diameter, a 15 teeth sprocket with 15,875mm pitch is mounted then welded. Put an oil seal and bearings ucp 204. Screw the bearings to the plate. The unit is ready

Step 3: Start Assembling the Rear Swing Arm Tricycle

Start assembling the rear swing arm tricycle. The shaft will move along the guide rails, thereby the chain tightens. The wheel flanges in my case, have the dimensions of the holes - 4 holes with diameter of 12mm in 110mm diameter. Flanges have a thickness of 8mm. All flanges are electrically welded onto the bushings. Bushings are mounted using keys. The width of the tricycle depends on the length of the shaft. I did shaft length 750mm and 920mm. With a length of 750mm the width of the tricycle obtained is 1.05m. Since this is not a high speed equipment (maximum speed is 45km / h), this width is sufficient, but it is possible to make it wider.

The sprocket flanges and the brake disc are fixed additionally with 2 bolts.

Step 4: Frame

Frame. The frame is made of profile 20х20х2mm.

Width at the narrowest point 140mm. At the widest 380mm. Bend profile on a makeshift bender with a diameter of 200mm. Installation of the front turning plates must be performed very accurately. Constant velocity joint with the sprockets should be coplanar with the middle intermediate shaft.

Step 5: Middle Intermediate Shaft.

The front hub. The hub is made from 57mm diameter tubes (internal diameter 50 mm) on a lathe file through the bearing housing with an outer diameter of 52mm. Spacer sleeve is installed between the bearings. It does not allow the load on the bearing balls. From the outside in the bearings insert pin of diameter 14mm. The flanges are welded by electric welding.

Step 6: Middle Intermediate Shaft.

Middle intermediate shaft.

25mm diameter. The shaft rotates on 2 bearings ucp 205. Installation of the shaft must be very accurate!

Two 15 teeth sprockets are mounted on the shaft.

Step 7: The Front Fork.

The front fork. Front fork traverses are made from a profile 60х40х2mm. A sleeve of diameter 55mm is inserted in it and welded. In the sleeve 2 bearings 47х20mm.

Fork feathers are made of profile 20х20х2mm

Step 8: Engine. Tyre.

Engine 157QMJ, with reverse, is mounted on the tricycle. Tyre 27x12x12

Step 9: Tricycle Assembled and Ready for Testing.

Tricycle assembled and ready for testing.

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Step 11:

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