Homemade Butterfly Headpiece




Introduction: Homemade Butterfly Headpiece

This silly , imaginative yet elegant hat is so realistic that it will take you right into Wonderland ! Who says silly can't be elegant ? A butterfly hat is perfect for those days ,where you need an extra little puzzazz:) So unbelievably real, this hat will seem like butterflies are hovering just above you ! It's a must have in your closet ;)

This hat was inspired by the gorgeous Blue Morpho butterfly species and it can't get any realer than this.With a very intricate design, this will surely keep you on your toes wondering what kind if sorcery this is ?

Perfect for photoshoots, festivals, even weddings and just everyday wear if your really feel'n it !


What you need :

Printed out template of butterflies

Different shades of blue crayon or pencil crayons ( preferably Caran d'Ache )

Thin metal wire

Hot glue gun


Thread cutting scissors

Headband ( that matches your hair colour )

Fake leaf branch

Wire-Forming Pliers

Lets get started !

Step 1: Template

This is the template I used for the butterflies but feel free to use any kind you like :)

Print the template out, so many times, so that you have 12 butterflies in total, make more just incase. ( to adjust the size of the template drag the image on a google doc like I have done here.)

Step 2: Add Some Colour

Use some high quality crayons or pencil crayons !

Start with your darkest colour near the border of the wings

Step 3: Gradient

Use your medium blue colour to slowly blend towards the centre. DONT blend all the way to the centre !

Step 4: Gradient

Lastly, use your lightest colour or colour gently with your medium blue to finish the gradient. Touch up any spots with the medium blue.

Step 5: Done Colour !

Try experimenting with gradients towards the border or diagonal gradients !

Step 6: Cutting

After you are done colouring, use sharp scissors ( fabric cutting scissors ) to roughly cut out the general shape.

Cut them all out !

Step 7: Trimming

Use a small pair of thread snipping scissors to clean up the shape and use it for those hard-to-get areas .

Step 8: Folding

Gently fold them along the border of the body, to make them look realistic !

Step 9: Butterflies

Fix up the butterflies shape or colour until your satisfied :)

Step 10: Hat

Grab your headband and fake plants, put your butterflies to the side .

Step 11: Gluing

Arrange your fake leaf branch along the headband going in one direction ;) hot glue it into place .

Step 12: Butterflies

Put your headband to the side and collect your butterflies and your wire !

Step 13: Gluing

Start by hot gluing your small - medium butterflies at the very top of your wire !

Step 14: Gluing

Now arrange your bigger butterflies towards the bottom of the wire. DONT put more that 3 butterflies on one wire !

Step 15: Attach

Carefully wrap the wires around the headband TIGHTLY, as done here.

Try to place the butterflies in the same direction as the fake leaves, but more upwards.

Step 16: Tighten

Use pliers to tighten and mold the wires around the headband.

Step 17: Touch Up

Finally hot glue some extra butterflies on the leaves, into the bare spots.

Step 18: Enjoy ! ;)

Congratulations you have completed the Blue Morpho butterfly headpiece !

Have fun being creative with this awesome hat ;)

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    1 year ago

    i love it


    2 years ago

    Such a cute idea :D


    2 years ago

    Love the butterflies 😍


    2 years ago

    Cool hat ! Nice job


    2 years ago

    Wow so magical 🦋🦋


    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes,indeed it is !!


    2 years ago

    Fun & pretty hat!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Glad you like it :) !