Introduction: Homemade CNC

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A homemade CNC (router, plotter, laser cutter , pick n place).For cheap! (far under 100 bucks).

It is intented to be a pick n place machine for some custom pcbs we have been preparing around the shop. Althought we have plans of adapting different heads to see the most we can take out of it.(a laser cutter maybe. A router for sure!) Unfortunately I dont have the making process on vid, so this one is just about how it ended and a first trial run with just a sharpie taped on the Z axis! Although I believe it is thorough enough, and i ll be glad to answer any questions you may have on the comments bellow. And i hope i ll catch the next one on tape!

You 'll need:

-About a quarter sheet of plywood.

-Some steel bars(8 mm in diameter and about 2 meters long in my case)

-12 linear bearings to fit the dimension of your bars.

-4 meters of driving belt aproximatelly .

-4 pulleys to fit your driving belt on your motors and the opossing sides.

-3 stepper motors( nema 13 , 24V in my case)

-An arduino UNO along with a cnc shield got the job done for me.

-A power supply(I used one I had laying around, 12V 4amps)

-A bolt screw and a way to mount it to your Z axis motor.And a fitting nut.

-Some screws, some epoxy and a drill.

I hope i didnt forget something.

Lets see the video...

And thanks for watching!

It helps a lot!