Introduction: Homemade Cardboard Magazine Box

I'm basically tired of spending $2-5 for a magazine box. So its time to make my own. This was one of those projects a long time coming. So I finally said "Hell, I can make one of these. It's only a folded piece of cardboard". So lets rock n' roll.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You'll need the following materials:

  • Scrap Cardboard that is about 15" x 29" (I had scrap cardboard from a bath tub that I installed a while back, but you can also use wine boxes or large boxes that you can get for free at sam's club/costco)
  • Glue (Either yellow wood glue or white glue)
  • The blueprint below.


  • Measuring tape
  • Straight edge
  • Razor/utility knife
  • Pencil

Step 2: Layout

Attached is a AutoCAD drawing that I made of the box layout. I saved it as a PDF so that a lot more people could view it.

Square up the cardboard using the corrugation marks on the face of the cardboard. And then start to layout the cuts and folds on the cardboard blank. Double check all your measurements and layout marks. I even messed up on this and didn't layout the top of the box correctly. Live and learn.

Step 3: Cutting

Basically take a razor and cut out the outline of the pattern. Remember, don't cut the fold lines.

One other note, when looking at the blueprint, the bottom part marked "first", has a dotted line 1/2" from the bottom. It is highly advised that you first cut up to that half inch line instead of cutting the whole 1" section out, here is why. When I made the first couple of boxes, I noticed that my cutting, but especially my folding was not spot on. And the 1" gap, ended up being to big of a gap, with little support for the "third" section while test fitting before glue-up. So by starting at 1/2" up, you give yourself a better chance at a tighter fit on the bottom.

Step 4: Folding

Now that everything is cut out, it is time to make all the folds. I ended up using a self healing mat as a folding guide. But the best would be a sheet metal brake, which I don't have.

Step 5: Glue-up

Now we are getting close to the finished box.
Apply a bit of glue to the flap and attach it to the inside of the front face. I just clamped it to my work bench for about an hour to dry.

Step 6: Final Assembly

Now that everything is glued, you basically have the same product that you get from your local office supply store. Just fold all the bottom flaps and the front flap. And you have yourself a finished magazine box.

Step 7: Enjoy

Start filling it up with magazines.

Step 8: Mods

One piece of cardboard 15" x 29" is kind of tough to find. I ended up having a piece that was about 29" x 65", so I was able to make four boxes, but they were all about an inch short in height.

I have considered that you can make the box out of two pieces of cardboard. So if you use a wine box, you can use opposite corners of the box, while using the bottom flaps of the box as the bottom flaps of the magazine box. At least six bends are all ready done for you.