Homemade Catapult

Introduction: Homemade Catapult

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A relatively easy to make homemade catapult made out of wood, screws, string, and twigs.


1. Take four pieces of wood and put them together into a box shape as shown to form the platform which everything else mounts onto.

2. Put two pieces of wood sticking up from the wooden base and one extending across the top of those two pieces.

3. Take two triangular pieces and put them by the pieces that are perpendicular to each other and screw everything together by the joints.

4. Take a wooden stick, put a basket at the end, and drill a hole in the end of the stick.

5. Take the string and put it through the holes in the ends of all the areas and tie everything together in a wound up fashion so that when the basket is pulled back, it gets released and launches anything you have in the basket.

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    Two problems. It doesn't say the materials. And it doesn't tell you how long to make the wood or string or anything.


    Reply 1 year ago

    it could also more detailed


    Reply 3 years ago

    ikr its so lame