Homemade Chamois (aka. Shammy) Creme




Introduction: Homemade Chamois (aka. Shammy) Creme

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Its easy to make an all-natural butt-balm for those long rides.

Start with Shea butter, available at some health-food stores but I get it at the anual African festival here in asheville.

Step 1: Liquids

Add a little aloe vera gel. This is best obtained from the actual plant but can be found at the drug store, just make sure it doesn't have any additives. it should be "pure" aloe.

Next comes olive oil, not too much since is will be too oily and ruin your shorts.

Step 2: Options

Play with the formula a bit to get the right consistency. More liquid for fabric shammies, more waxy for natural leather shorts.

If you can't find shea butter you can use cocao butter as long as its 100%. Cocao butter is more solid so it might need to be warmed up first.

Bee's wax can also be used as a base, but not without some shea or cocao butter. The wax should be melted over very low heat.

Let me know if you have some suggestions.
Good luck and ride safe!

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    I have heard of people adding polysporin (antibiotic cream) or diaper rash cream to their chamois cream. I havn't tried it personally but the diaper cream is used all the time by adventure racers and the trans rockies folks.


    16 years ago

    nice fixie


    Reply 16 years ago

    Can't take credit, its my friend's. Mine is the old-school mountain bike on the right. Pictured is Bill working on his Bianchi fixie. Most couriers in charlotte now prefer fixed gear.