Introduction: Homemade Cheese With Simple Ingredients in Your Kitchen

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I have always wanted to make homemade cheese at home but chees needed special ingredients like rennet and citric acid
I did not want want to shop online for rennet
So I sea chef online and found a reciepe using lemon
Since I didn't have lemon, I used lime but the cheese turned out having a strange taste
I then used vinegar and the the cheese turned out delicious and tasted like pure milk with a touch of salt

Step 1: Materials and Ingredients

2 cups any kind of milk except for skim milk

Salt or any kind of seasoning like pepper or lemon pepper

4 tbs white vinegar

(Ingredients can be doubled for more cheese)


Sauce pan or pot


Cheese cloth or paper towel

Step 2: Steps for Heating

Pour the milk into the pot and put heat on medium
Keep whisking the milk until the milk begins to boil
Do not stop mixing or else the milk will get stuck on the bottom of the pot and a skin on the top will form
Add as much salt as you would like the cheese to be
Remember cheese is salt but make sure to taste the milk
Whisk in the vinegar and leave the heat on for 3 minutes while mixing
A curd will form
That will be the cheese

Step 3: Making the Cheese

Pour the pot of curd into a cup with a paper towel on top
Once all the liquid is poured, grab the paper towel and cheese inside and squeeze for a solid but crumbly cheese
The more liquid you squeeze, the more solid it will be
The liquid can be thrown out
Refrigerate the cheese wrapped in plastic wrap

Step 4: Results

This cheese is easy and quick and has a Taste of pure milk
I will defenetly make more of it
I also read you can give this to chickens if they are not laying eggs because it is good protein