Homemade Chocolate Candle!

Introduction: Homemade Chocolate Candle!

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I'm back with another candle, and this time it's chocolate scented!

This one has a fantastic scent, but an average appearance.

I made this candle thinking "I could do that"... After finding a throve of chocolate from last Easter.

Check out another one of my candles here!: https://www.instructables.com/id/Chinese-5-Spice-Candle/

Step 1: Preparations

You will need:
A chocolate bar
An empty can
Old candle wax
Candle wicks
An empty container (I found these novelty tins)

Step 2: Getting Started!

First thing's first: cut the top off of your can with a scissors..

Break up your whole chocolate bar and put it into the can, and then put your wax in on top of the chocolate!

Step 3: Start Melting!

Start boiling your water in a saucepan, and the add your can to it when it starts steaming...

After a few minutes, you should notice the wax starting to melt...

Step 4: Keep Mixing!

It is important to mix thoroughly with your spoon to make sure that all of the chocolate and wax are melted,
and to make sure they are properly mixed together!

Step 5: Time to Make a Candle!

Bring your saucepan to a solid surface, and make a "pouring lip" on your can...
Prep your container for pouring...

Step 6: Pour Your Wax!

It turned out I had only enough wax for one tin, but that's okay too!

Fill up the container with your mixture, and sit the wicks in...

It is important to keep the candle on a flat surface!

Step 7: Let It Cool...

This is the boring part...
It should take about 20 minutes to cool and set.

You will notice a considerable colour change from brown to a cream colour

Step 8: Light It Up!

You are ready to test out your candle!

The proper smell from the candle won't develop until about 24 hours after setting...
But when it does, it should leave a very nice chocolatey scent!

Make sure to check out my other candles,
And make sure to follow me for loads of more interesting projects to come!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    what if i use coffe instead of chocolate?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Already did it!