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Introduction: Homemade Churro Machine

This is a Churro machine that is made with recycled wood, and some that was found on the street, wooden bed frame.
and the only thing that was purchased was the plastic tube for the handle. i still working on the machine, the wood that is on the top is just a addition to the prototype, it,s being updated. I'll ost another video for the pastry tip and the pastry bag.

Most of the material are from the garage and a wooden bed frame that I found on a trash bin.
the only material that where purchased, the two round sticks, and the T plastic connector (plumbing), at the beginning i started this project as a standing machine but it was too unstable, them I added the base as you can see on the video, and the top part it's just some adjustments that I had to do. but it works. soon I'll post a video with the pastry tip, the pastry bag, and the top that pushes the dough.

visit this instructable for the pastry bag. https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-pastry-bag-for-Churro-machine/

Step 1: Homemade Churro Machine

you need a empty water battle, for the tip.
sharp nife to cut the plastic.
screwdriver to make the churro shape on the top.
I put the screwdriver in the stove, make sure not to get burn.

I had some plain fabric that I cut into the shape of the metal container, and saw it together.
in this project I had two different fabric left.
so I made two pastry bags.
make sure to messure or calculate the fabric tip to match the width of the plastic tip.

Step 2:

on the cylinder I opened a hole for the dough to came out, and the base the help the dough to come evenly is made out of some laminate shelf. or it can be made with thin plywood. I made it with my circular saw, just follow the safety guidelines of your saw or saw machine. since this is thin I added extra support by putting a small part of the same laminate shelf.

Step 3:

on the stick that pushes the dough I put a big volt, because I had run the cable thru the stick bet It started to cut the sick.
once you have the dough in the pastry bag, just roll the handle on any direction, because as long as you roll it if will roll the cable in the other  stick making pressure to push the  dough. and just put the machine close to the fryer and bum. there you have your homemade churros.
this constructable is made for large volume if you make small amount I suggest you use a regular artry bag. but put small amount into the bag, if you put a lot it will be hard to bet the dough out of the bag. and always remember to use all the guidelies of you machines or equipment. be safe and enjoy.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    me encanta esta idea. Pero mi pregunta es ?como se meta la masa en la funda de fábrico para que no sale con la presión? O ?se meta con embudo antes de poner la tapa verde?

    Great Idea! I live in Ecuador and have been thinking about selling doughnuts here. Not a common thing, and looking for a do-it-yourself doughnut plunger. But I've also never seen churros. Ideas, ideas....

    Fuera del gancho (off the Hook!)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    la bolsa de tela se deja avierta por el lado de atras, si te fijas en la foto #3. el final esta avierto, es como una bolsa comun y corriente con un haujero al fondo, mira esta otra que tengo nomas para la bolsa:

    es basicamente una bolsa pastelera con diferente forma. y aun debajo de la bolsa uso una ziplog gab, no se si tienen en Ecuador, si no puedes usar bolsa con plastico grueso. voy a hacer un video de como lo hago.
    gracias por tu pregunta.