Introduction: Homemade Churros

In this instructable we will be making homemade churros! If you have any questions comment down below and ill do my best to reply asap. Enjoy

Now these are the ingredents you will need...

Sugar * Cinnomon * Salt * Vgb. Oil * Flour * Eggs * Frying pan with oil * Medium sized pot *Piping bag/ziplock bag* Mixing tools * shallow bowl & plate * 1/2 cup unsalted Butter *

Step 1: Making the Dough

Grab your medium sized pot and pour 3/4 cups of water into the pot. Then sprinkle in 1 tablespoon of sugar and vgb. oil. Then sprinkle in 1tsp of salt and add 1/2 cup of melted butter. ***WARNING: stove will get hot, adult supervison recommended*** Once all the ingredients are in, turn the stove on medium high and let it come to boil.

Step 2:


Once the mixture comes to a boil, remove from heat. Next, add in 1 cup of flour into the mixture. Mix until the dough forms a ball. *note: if your dough if not forming into a ball and/or sticking to the pot, add more flour little by little until it does* After your dough is formed into a ball leave to cool for 10 minuets. While dough is cooling start to preheat your oil in the frying pan.

Step 3:

Once the dough is cooled, crack in 1 egg and mix the dough. *note: dough may come unformed from ball, if this happens add more flour little by little until it is back to its ball form** While the frying pan is preheating get your hallow bowl and mix in half cup of sigar

Step 4:

Now this is the fun part. Once the dough is cooled add it into a piping bag or a ziplock bag and begin to pipe into frying pan. Only put a few in at a time.

Step 5:

Once the churro is golden brown remove from frying pan. Have a plate with paper towel over it to remove any oil that’s dripping. Once you’ve patted down the churro, immediately dip in cinnamon sugar bowl. Then put them on a separate plate when done.

Step 6:

Repeat until you have finished with all of the dough. After they are all on a plate, put 1/4 cup of butter in the microwave and melt. Once melted, pour over churros. Depending on yourself, you can pour over more cinnamon sugar over the churros. Now , you have officially made homemade churros enjoy!