Introduction: Homemade Clay Oil Lamps - Diya

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Diwali is around the corner and its time to get ready to lighten up your home with colorful festive lights!!!!!

Diwali, lovingly known as the festival of lights, represents the coming of the new year according to the auspicious Hindu calendar.The festival of lights is known for its vibrant decorations,the joy, and the excitement it brings along with it. An important part of Diwali celebrations is the variety of Oil Lamps - diyas, candles, and electric lights that brightens one's home.

Have you ever tried making handmade lamps ? Yes, with simple ingredients like flour, which I guess most of us always have it at home,or clay, you can make beautiful and vibrant diyas for diwali.

How to make these homemade lamps??? There are umpteen number of ideas available on the web, which you can use to make and decorate your house wonderfully. With minimal supplies and a bit of creativity, you can create your own lamps this year and make your Diwali memorable.

I wanted to have a "Homemade" Diwali theme.Here, Am sharing with you the lamps I made for Diwali.

Materials Used:-

  • Clay Tools
  • Acrylic Colors
  • Air Dry Terracotta Clay
  • Rhinestones for Decoration
  • Glue


Step 1:

These are the clay and the tools I used for this project.

You can get yours here:-

Clay Tools (Affiliate Link)

Clay(Affiliate Link)

Step 2:

Let's start making the lamps.

Take a small lump of clay and warm it in your hand for a minute by lightly rolling it into a loose ball shape.

Wet your fingers with water and gently press your fingers all over the surface to smooth out the lines.Slowly form it into a ball shape.

Now, using your thumb and index finger, shape the ball into lamp shape by first making it hollow and then slowly shaping it.

I also had some old ready made lamps with me. So I used them as mold to make some of the lamps.You can make yours in this method by first making a ball of the clay. Then gently put in on the mold and shape it with your fingers.

Give dimension and designs to the lamps with the clay tools. Just use your imagination and let your creative side take a stride. Make lines.......poke tiny dots....pinch.....and give the lamps a beautiful character of their own.

Once done, spread out your lamps on a tray or plate and let them air dry completely.

Step 3:

I also made a Peacock Shaped lamp. I absolutely love it.
I've used Pearl paper pins on the head of the Peacock to give it its crest.

Step 4:

Once completely dried, its time to Its time to decorate and embellish them.

I didn't want to get my work space messy, so I spread a news paper sheet to get the painting done.

Paint your lamps with your choice of colors. Use the brightest of colors.

Step 5:

Decorate the lamps with the rhinestone by using glue to stick them.

Step 6:

A Close Up!!!!!

Step 7:

Let them dry completely and Voila!!!!.....they are ready to brighten up your home.