Introduction: Homemade Colored Sand

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Trouble providing colored sand for your project on the last minute? This is your remedy! Perfect for kids' artworks and crafting activities.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

* colored chalk
* salt (either rock salt or iodized)
* containers
* mortar and pestel

Step 2: Powderize!

use the mortar and pestel to powderized the chalk.

Step 3: Mix, Mix, Mix

mix the two main ingredient to a container : the powderized chalk and the salt.

Step 4: Done!

now you can save money for providing materials for your future creations and crafting! advisable for kids' projects with the supervision of adults. :)

Step 5: Reminders

always clean the pounding material and dry it if you wish to change colors or else it will mix to another.