Introduction: Homemade Corner Shelf Light Up Table

My homemade lighted tile table using corner shelves

Step 1: Supplies

5 corner shelves, wood glue, paint, tiles, fairy lights, rope, 4x4 cut board, epoxy now to begin i layed out each of 4 shelves together and once i got them how i liked i mounted them together using wood glue an the original brackets that came with the shelves then i took some tiles of different sorts that i liked once decided i then sprayed painted the table top an board a grayish blue to match the tiles

Step 2: Layed Out Design

After paintin an laying out my tiles to my liking i then stuck them using the roll out adhesive for tiles which made it easier the i weaved the fairy lights all through it

Step 3: Coming Together

Then i took a black and beige twisted rope i had laying around the house an decided to use it around the edge as a border so with hot glue i stuck it around the edge of the entire table after it dried good i wiped the table with rubbing alcohol to remove any dust an particals from it then i took some table top epoxy and poured it on top of the table in a circular motion using a sponge paintbrush to help guide it to cover it equally an to reach the edges let it cure for 72 hours then mount it to the 4x4 board base i also created using the other corner shelf jys painted it an added tiles screwed it to the stem then screwed the table top to the base and done tested lights worked fine an now hav a beautiful table

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