Homemade Cryptex!!!

Introduction: Homemade Cryptex!!!

I really like to fiddle around with things around the house, and recycle things in the not so ordinary way. I had a lot of Pringles cans laying around, so I thought I would do something with them. For Christmas i gave a friend a Cryptex, so I thought I would use the cans to make one for myself.

If you do not know what a cryptex is, it is a vault device with tumblers, with letters on the outside, and when they are aligned in correct fashion, a "core" can be pulled out with space for storage of things like money and important documents.

Step 1: Materials

What you will need:

  • 2 Pringles "on the go" cans
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • Paper
  • Printer (optional)
  • 1 1/2 inch diameter circle (i used a shot glass) or a compass
  • Measuring tape (not a ruler unless you want to do pi x diameter)
  • Spray paint (optional, but highly recommended to make it look presentable)
  • Hammer
  • Something to hide!!!

Step 2: Tracing and Cutting

Start to heat up the glue so it can be warm by the time you start gluing.

First, trace the Pringles can onto the cardboard 6 times. Then make a inch and a half diameter circle in the center. I found a shot glass the was about that size so I traced it instead of using a compass. Cut the inside circle with an X-ACTO knife first, then cut the outer ring with the knife or a pair of scissors. SAVE THE INSIDE CIRCLES.

Step 3: Cutting the Notches and the Can

Create an inch wide notch in the cardboard as show. Make sure the is at least 1/4 inch gap from the top of the notch to the top of the circle so the cardboard isn't too flimsy.

Draw two lines on the two Pringles cans to divide it into thirds. Use the X-acto knife to cut it. You should end up with 6 rings rings: 4 open on both sides, 2 with one side open and the other side with a metal base.

Punch a hole in the metal bases: one a circle, then the other a circle with the notch. Make sure that they are the same size as the regular holes and notches by holding them up to each other. Hammer down the inside to make sure it doesn't get caught on the core.

Step 4: Glue the Rings to Make Tumblers

Add hot glue on the edge of the cardboard circle, and glue the Pringles ring to the cardboard. Then add glue on the edge of the ring and place the circle on top of it. To make it more secure, put glue on the seams

Now you should have three types of shallow cylinders: 4 cardboard + cardboard, 1 cardboard + metal hole, and 1 cardboard + metal hole with notch.

Line up the tumblers to make sure they are perfect!

Step 5: Creating the Core

Take a piece of cardboard that is about 3 inches wide and fold it hot dog style and glue the sides so it is a narrow cylinder.

Take the circles and cut them like shown. Throw away the sides. Glue three of the squares on top of each other. Do it six times so you have six nub things. Glue these onto the core evenly spaced apart so that the tumblers can fit on to it

Take a another piece of cardboard that is 2 1/2 inches wide so that it can wrap around the core so that is looks like the last image.

Make sure everything fits in the inner circle of the tumblers.

Step 6: Making the Core Handles

Trace the pringles can again once. Expand the circle a little bit. Cut that circle out. Trace that three times and cut them out so you have 4 circles. Then, measure the circumference of the circle and cut two, inch wide cardboard strips the length of the circumference. Then glue these together to make two shallow cylinders.

Glue the cores to the shallow cylinders as show in the last two pictures.

Step 7: Testing and Painting

Make sure everything fits together as show in the first picture. You now have the actual cryptex done, but we still need to paint and place the letters.

Spray paint the parts separately and let them dry completely before continuing the next step.

Step 8: Labels

Print and cut the template or write your own letters out. Line the letter up with the tumbler notch, then glue it all the way around.

First tumbler is "Cardboard + Metal base with hole with notch", 2-5 tumblers are "Cardboard + Cardboard", and last tumbler is "Cardboard + Metal base with hole".

Step 9: YOU'RE FINISHED!!!!!

Add indicators on where the core is aligned and where to line up the letters. Stick something inside the core and mix up the tumblers!!!! Here is a video of it in action. May look a little hard to get out, but that is because the combo was slightly off and you see that i adjusted it a little. Also if you have a hard time getting it out try wiggling it as you saw. BTW, This cryptex is not perfect. It is not super strong and not intended to be used for an extreme measure of safety. It can prevent siblings from stealing your money, but can't prevent robbers from tearing it apart and taking whatever is inside. Thanks you, and vote for me!

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What an awesome upcycle for pringle cans. Not to mention how cool of build it is, you'll have to let us know if send any awesome messages! Welcome to instructables!