Introduction: Homemade DIY Multistage Portable Coilgun 350j

Homemade DIY 3 Stages Portable Coilgun\ electromagnetic gun (Gauss gun).
most of the parts were taken from old tv. flyback transformer core, copper wires, capacitors...

- Action: 3 stages, optic gates -controller: Arduino UNO - Power supply: 12V LI-ION battery, taken from old laptop battery - Charging: 40 watt ZVS flyback driver - Capacitor bank:~ 3500uF @ 450VDC - Stored electrical energy: ~350J - Switch: SCR - x9 btw69-1200 - Body: wood from garbage - efficiency: around 2.6%

Step 1: Design a Circuit

scr unit, charging (zvs and hv flyback transformer), capacitors bank, coils, optic gates, and arduino

Step 2: Build the Gun

build the gun:

wind the coils, wind the transformer, build the zvs, and connect everything.

for questions, leave a comment in the youtube video!

thanks :)