Introduction: Homemade DVI-I to DVI-D Converter

Make DVI-D connector easily from DVI-I connector

Recently we bought a led tv. I wanted to use it as my pc monitor.  The tv has a HDMI port but my pc don't have any HDMI output. But my pc has a DVI connector.  So I thought to do something with that. From the local market I bought a DVI to HDMI converter. 

The most interesting thing is that after buying I came to know that there are three types of DVI connector.  My pc have DVI-D female connector  & my converter have DVI-I male connector.

Step 1: Procedures

Then I studied about DVI connectors...
I found that pin configuration of all conectors are same but the difference between the types is number of the pins.

In this case I found that DVI-D have no analog pin where DVI-I have 4 analog pin. And the copper plate between them is wider than the DVI-D connector.

So as I said pin configuration is same. I decided to cut off the analogue pins from my converter. .....

Step 2: Results

It worked for me......