Introduction: Homemade Door Coat Rack

About: Im a banker worker who likes to create things on weekends!

Create a cheap and cool coat rack for your door!

Step 1: Cutting the Wood and Thinking the Design

first we need the material, i am using a pine plank to make the stand of the rack and 3 pieces of nice dark wood that i found (unknown wood).

Now i have cut the plank into a small piece and log and measure the midle and another 2 points to put the rack pins

im using my homemade bandsaw, but you can use a saw and sandpaper.

Step 2: Making the Pins, Rounding the Stand Shape

rounded the ends of stand of the rack with a round piece of metal, using a bandsaw of a saw or even a rasp, the measuring the pins division, i ve started with 4 pins, than i decided to use only 3 i found that way more balance than a cut the pins square measured them and rounded on the lathe .

i ve use 8 cm pins, but that can be changed

Step 3: Put the Pins in and Finish the Rack

Now after rounding on the lathe, i ve spaced the pins evenly, then using the lathe center pin marked at the pin ive drilled a hole inside the pin and drill the rack stand to.... now its just a matter of screw those too together.

The pins design are personal, i prefer round ones... but you can shape like a horn on a bended pin... use your imagination!

after that i use some lacquer and fixed at my door with two screws each side... that provide a sturdy stand for my clothes!

No more clothes on the chair now!!