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Introduction: Homemade Electric Scrubber

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This project is very helpful always in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere. It minimizes the work for scrubbing and cleaning. It is an motorised scrubber to scrub any stain and to clean the surface. It is very easy to make at home with some tools and homemade items. Read this instructable till the end and watch the video.

Step 1: Required Items

These are the required items

  • A Perfume bottle(or you can use any other bottle)
  • Scrubber
  • DC Motor(I am using 12V/500rpm)
  • Motor shaft connector
  • 12V DC Power supply(Battery can also be used)
  • Hot glue & wires etc.

Step 2: Cut the Perfume Bottle

The motor is to be inserted inside the bottle to form a well shaped and easy to handle design so first of all cut the bottle from one side with a cutting tool.

Step 3: Drilling

Drill the bottle where needed. Drill at one end to pass a wire through it and also make few holes so as to fill the hot glue.

Step 4: Soldering

Now solder the motor with a length of wire and solder a button on it. The button is to switch on and off the motor.

Step 5: Fill the Hot Glue

Using hot glue gun, fix the button and tight every loose things.

Step 6: Prepare the Scrubber

Select a suitable scrubber as per your choice and fix the shaft connector with it using hot glue. Finally cut it for circular shape.

Step 7: Connect the Power Supply

After fitting of scrubber with the motor shaft, finally connect the DC power supply source with it. Instead of this, you can also use a 12 Volts battery.

Step 8: Testing

The electric scrubber is finally ready to test. Test it in your kitchen or bathroom or anywhere you want.

Step 9: Video

Watch the video for detailed description.

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