Introduction: Homemade Fidget Spinner (College Edition)

Simple and cheap

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project you will only need a hand full of things

1. Super Glue

2. Bearings

3. Paint stir stick

4. USB Drives

5. Bottle opener

6. Something to cut soft wood with.

Step 2: Measure the Distance From Your Palm and Where Your Pointer and Thumb Meet .

Think if you were to be pinching some salt using your thumb and pointer finger. Now measure the gap that's created all the way to your palm. This is important to creating a spinner that spins freely within your hand.

Step 3: Mark Paint Stick for Cutting

1. Multiply the finger-palm gap by two to represent both sides of the spinner.

2. Mark this distance on the paint stick

3.At the middle of the marked distance place the bearing on the paint stick and trace around the bearing to represent where the hole for the bearing will go.

Step 4: Cut

Cut on the lines you have marked. Cutting can be done with a plethora of tools depending on the softness of the wood used for the paint stick. A small saw on a utility knife or a shape box cutter could do the job. Also make sure you have a hard surface to cut on that you are willing to get scratches on ,just in case you cut through the wood. When cutting for the bearing it might be easier to divide the circle into fourths by making a plus sign. It will increase the success rate if cutting the circle out without breaking the paint stick.

(Be careful when using sharp tools. Always be aware of where the blade is and where your fingers are.)

Step 5: Mark for Bottle Opener / Cut

Place the bottle opener you wish to use on the now cut paint stick. Make out a distance where the bottle opener base and can sit on top of the paint stick. we will ut away a section of the paintstick so that the opening part of the fidget spinner hangs down.

After marking the region were the paint stick will need to cut so the bottle opener part of the bottle opener can hang down freely, start making the cut. Be very careful not to bend and push on the paint stick too hard because if you apply to much pressure you will break you fidget spinner.

Step 6: Place the Bearing Into the Hole

Placing the bearing into the hole you have made for it can be a challenging thing. You want the bearing to fit snugly inside the paint stick while also not being to hard to plush the bearing into its hole without splitting the wood. The best way is to place the bearing on one side and look closely at the other side you are trying to push the bearing toward. If you see small pieces of wood packing the bearings way then remove them gently with a knife. A small filing tool of a small piece of sandpaper can also do the job. The goal is to get the bearing inside the hole without breaking the stick and also have it fit snugly enough that you don't need to use super glue to keep it on place.

Step 7: Glue the Bottle Opener Into Place

Place the bottle opener into the gap that you have created for it and apply super glue to the sides and the base. Let the spinner sit while the glue dries.

Step 8: USB Drive

Too keep the balance of the spinner you can place the USB drive on the opposite end of the spinner. Depending on the size of your USB drive , you can mount it to the spinner in different ways. Be Creative! Just make sure it is mounted in a way in which it will be able to be plugged in without falling off and hold the weight of the fidget spinner.