Introduction: Homemade Fishing Lures for Cheap

In this instructable you will learn how to make homemade fishing lures. Through the mediums of wooden dowels and PLA plastic this will guide anglers young and old to simple and cheap lures. Despite the materials at hand, you can create fishing lures to suit your needs. Heres what you need to do...

Step 1: Wooden Deep Sea Lures

In order to create these lures, all you'll need is two different sized wooden dowels, some small weighted objects, eye hooks, a drill, and a sander.

These lures seem to be the simplest to make, and require the least time and effort.

To begin, drill a hole into the dowel with the larger diameter. This will allow for insertion of the weights. My weights of choice were small solid axles.

After the weights are situated in the wooden dowel, glue the stop to create a solid piece of wood.

Next, You must sand the lure so that it resembles a fish.

Once this is done, paint the lure and this process is complete.

Step 2: 3D Printed Fishing Lures

First open any 3D drafting or design software.

After designing a template you must export the file as an .STL file so that it can be used in MakerWare the MakerBot software. By exporting here, setup for print is simple. Ensure that you properly scale and set your file to print.

All open portions of your design should be facing up.

Once on the MakerWare software, be sure to reformat the bed heat to 130 degrees Celsius, and then proceed to print.

After the print is complete, paint with water safe paint that will reflect sunlight into the eyes of larger fish.

Once done, loop fishing line through the hole and attach a hook to the other side

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