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Introduction: Homemade French Croissants

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Homemade French Croissants - recipe @ ibaketoday.com

I've got this recipe for a long time and I've used it millions of times. Every time I bake these croissants they look, smell and taste the same. It's a pleasure to make these shiny buns - when the final product is always what you were expecting and hoping for. My family is crazy about them, especially for the various stuffing I come up with..."what's in them?" - Oh, question asked every time..but, with a reason! Someone likes them sweet but the others crave for the salty-cheesy ones. My mom likes them plain and crusty and I must say everybody likes them different, so I always make a questionnaire to see the path I should take :-)

Step 1: Make a Dough

Ingredients for the dough

1 cup of warm milk, 1 cup of warm water, 1 tbsp of yeast, 5 tbsp of sugar, 2 tsp of salt, 1 cup of sunflower oil, 5 cups of flour


Pour the milk into the bowl, add yeast, sugar and a cup of flour and stir it well. Leave it to rest for 10 minutes in order to get it bubbly. Slowly add salt, more flour and the water while you knead it. Sometimes you have to put more flour, but sometimes is too much - really depends on sort of flour. Pour the oil in and knead it for a few minutes more.

Step 2: Make Layers

When you make the dough to be soft and not sticky, cut it in 8 pieces and leave the dough balls to rest for 10 minutes. While you wait, prepare 1 cup of soft butter.

Roll out the balls one by one in the circled shapes and cream them with butter. Assemble the circles on each other by four, so you'll get two 4-layered circles.

Step 3: Make Triangles

Each circle roll out to be thinner and cut with a knife in 16 triangle pieces. So you will get 32 croissants.

Every little rectangle cream with cottage cheese, or put something on it you like the most and roll it in to make a roll bun.

Step 4: Stuff the Croissants

Homemade Plum jam is one of my favorite stuffing but be aware not to put too much of it because it might pour out of the croissant and to burn.

Step 5: Rolled in Croissant Before Baking

When they look so good even before baking, that is a sign that you haven't done anything wrong :-)

Cream every croissant with an egg yolk and sprinkle it with salt or sugar - depends of stuffing and your mood. Leave them to rest for an hour before baking them in the oven on 400 F degrees until they get the color you like the most.

Step 6: Freshly Baked Croissants

When I get them out from the oven, they look and smell so irresistible and appetizing!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I do have to stress that croissant is made out of butter. Does it still taste ok?


    7 years ago

    Mmmm.... yummy. Definitely putting this one on my list to try soon.

    What kind of flour do you think is best? Should I use cake and pastry flour, or just all purpose flour?

    This looks delicious! I always thought that making croissants was super difficult, but this inspires me to try them! I also love the food photography! I blog and I find food photography the most challenging part, so kudos to you for getting such great pics! Mmm...really want some croissants now! :)


    7 years ago on Step 5

    tried this recipe. turned out well. But I had to increase the amount of flower to abt 6.5 cups to make it look anything like a dough.
    Make a lot of space to role out the dough :-)
    I added a bit of mille Feuille treatment by rolling the 1/8ths buttering them, folding them, rolling them out again individually etc.. before I stacked them.
    tasted well